Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Slow Club - Suffering You, Suffering Me

Hey, remember when Slow Club were a self-effacing, shamblingish acoustic duo with the back of a wooden chair and empty bottles for percussion? Having stepped up to Universal's Caroline International arm they now live it large and glamorous, and accordingly sound like the greatest pop band the modern POP! universe hasn't heard of - yeah, fatalism, but you read that Observer piece about how the Radio 1 playlist is decided now, right? The single (although third track made public, as is the way of things these days) from third album Complete Surrender, which still isn't out until July 14th, is a primary case in point, a brassy Motown belter encompassing Rebecca Taylor's most grandstanding vocal yet, parping sax and no apparent Charles vocal at all. They're on tour in July, where attempts to recreate an indelible big sound like this and still marry it off with the wisecracking and giggling we know their live shows for will be fascinating.

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