Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mid-May marvels: Remember Remember, Comet Gain, White Lung, General Sherman

Remember Remember - Magnets

The Glaswegian collective's third album Forgetting The Present, to be released on 30th June through Mogwai's own Rock Action, takes their working the principles of repetition and minimalism into post-post-rock further into tinkling, evolving landscapes, nine and a half minutes that would qualify as almost pastoral were it not for the overhanging loops of hidden doom.

Comet Gain - Long After Tonite's Candles Are Blown

Obligatory mention. Already capital dreamers well enough, their seventh proper studio set Paperback Ghosts, out on July 7th via Fortuna Pop!, is described as being inspired by "the psycho-geography of walks in North London woods and in the forgotten grey hinterland of the city’s back streets", which just sounds like much of what they do anyway. isn't one of their northern soul blowouts but a melancholic, countrified jangle in the romantic line that connects Felt, Trembling Blue Stars and Jack. As ever, David Charlie Feck deploys the lyrical sweep of tenderness and dreams.

White Lung - Face Down

A third video from the still forthcoming Deep Fantasy album still finds them richocheting between their hardcore past and a melodically distorted take on knife-sharp punk-pop, incorporating heroic mini-solos and Mish Way still daring all-comers to take her on. Also features flaming scarecrows. They're playing Dot To Dot over the bank holiday weekend, somehow.

General Sherman - The Stress Vulnerability Model

General Sherman are from Middlesbrough and don't really sound like you're imagining from name alone. Instead theirs is a daydreaming, warm drifting and very English folk built on fingerpicked guitar, swaying violin, occasional woodwind and male-female vocals, the hint of something other going on underneath gradually becoming apparent well before the thing gets rudely upended by bursts of big power chorded guitar. Album Get Down With General Sherman is out 6th June.

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