Thursday, February 04, 2010

Twenty new names, five days: part two

Lily Rae
From: Brixton
Blurb: Nineteen years old, Rae has a big picture of a kitten as her Myspace wallpaper. Don't be taken in. Rae has a big expressive voice, a caustic way with a lyric and an absolute conviction without going anywhere near overbearing, and with her band the Saturday Girls achieves high levels of new wave spikiness. And her dad's in her backing band. For further observation: Rae, surrogate sister in sarcasti-pop Julia Indelicate, some fake moustaches and a Dylan chord book
RIYL: Kirsty Maccoll, The Indelicates, Blondie

From: Glasgow
Blurb: At the end of next month we're cementing our love for one set of laptop folk Scots by putting them on (see other outlets for information); here's another one. Essentially multi-instrumentalist Lewis Cook, his open hearted stories of dislocation and executive introspection are variously put up to fight against Boards Of Canada pastorialism, fucked-up beats and laptop glitches. He put out an album, Tug Of Love, last year, dedicated equally to his adopted home city and to Aidan Moffatt. And again, he's nineteen. Remember: you have comparatively achieved nothing. NOTHING.
RIYL: Meursault, Arab Strap, The Books

The Muscle Club
From: Cardiff
Blurb: Recent tourmates of 4 Or 5 Magicians, Muscle Club's restlessness manifests itself on debut EP Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs in spiky, sliced and diced riffage, youthful and occasionally shouty vim and spectacular vaulting energy packaged in an untidy bundle of arcing across a different city.
RIYL: Johnny Foreigner, Tubelord, Les Savy Fav

Let’s Buy Happiness!
From: Newcastle
Blurb: Much of what press these have had so far has compared Sarah Hall's vocals to Elizabeth Fraser's, but to our barely trained ears she seems a ringer for Alessi Laurent-Marke, some say Alessi's Ark. Around her, yeah, it's around there, tenderly frail vocals matched with aereated delay-heavy guitar chimes and rhythms that stretch out in their own time while still seeming taut and vibrant. They're too earthy for dreampop categorisation, though, folky melodies and college rock-influenced structure playing as much of a role. Their second EP is imminent, judging by a tweet from yesterday.
RIYL: The Cocteau Twins, Engineers, The Shins

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