Friday, February 12, 2010

"Smash Hits wouldn't be entirely surprised if Ellen Foley turned out to be the first massive female star of The 80s. And that's not much of a gamble."

Time thoroughly wasted this week by Like Punk Never Happened, a slightly misleading title for an archive of scanned in editions of Smash Hits from 1979 and 1980, before the full Black Type/Uncle Disgusting/Ben Vol-au-vent-Parrot/Reg "Reg" Snipton onslaught but not much the worse for that. Not when singles are being reviewed by Chris Difford and Andy Partridge, the latter predicting Video Killed The Radio Star has no chance of being a hit. Excellent interviews under the editorial auspices of David Hepworth and Ian Cranna, plenty of songwords, great band photography and Secret Affair on the cover one week.

Also! Tweeted this last night on returning, but Adam Buxton was in our town on Bug duty and among his cache of inventive animated videos and personal flights of fancy (ah, Nutty Room on a large screen in surround sound) was this. It's had 2.2m views but we'd never heard of or seen it before. Sour, as far as we can tell, are a Japanese band who know a lot of fans with Macbook webcams and have hired a production team with particular ingenuity:

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Brian McCloskey said...

Hi! I take the credit/blame for the Smash Hits archive (the title of which is not really misleading, if you know your SH history).

I was sans internet for a couple of weeks and got back online to discover a sudden upsurge of interest in the site; thanks for the link and mention!

My June-December 1979 collection was patchy, but there are no gaps from the start of 1980 through to July 1985 (just before LiveAid). I'll post a new issue on the thirtieth anniversary of the original date of publication....keep your eyes peeled this coming Sunday for the one with the Buggles on the front cover.

(In March and April, the cover photos include The Jam, XTC and Madness....incredible, really....)

Thanks again!