Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maxwell housed

Everyone's heartily sick, we're sure, of the current deliberately fuzztacular no-fi scene, and indeed we don't doubt the Guardian has now written at least twenty blog pieces of critique. Finding roughly recorded singer-songwriters is an entirely different piscine kettle, but it's in dictaphone quality that we find Sunderland's Maxwell Panther. Naked by usual 32kbps status without a reverb pedal, he cites Syd Barrett as an influence, which reflects itself in the deceptively simple pattern, but there's much of the sandpaper-raw, bitter veneer of rough pop nous some of Graham Coxon's early solo sketches exhibited, if in more angry, almost rock'n'roll terms. Song, By Toad Records are putting out his album, Do You Feel Different Yet?

Maxwell Panther - My Ex-Identity

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