Monday, February 22, 2010

Passing tracks

Here's a mixed bag of largely recently located treats, three warm and indie, one very much not.

Halifax's The ABC Club's circling guitars and offhand female vocals (and not shoegaze at all, despite what seemingly every other outlet that has written about them reckons. Is this like when everyone wrote that the Maccabees had turned into Arcade Fire when they clearly hadn't?) blow hot and cold, but on this (possibly quite old) track they blow a little jangly, a little Strokesy, quite a bit Smithsy and a lot endearingly.

The ABC Club - Get Set Go

Even when we put them in our Class Of '08 Club 8 seemed a long shot for mainstream success, but a very odds-on bet at being another off Sweden's conveyor belt of charming, early 80s indie pop influenced melancholic sunshine dreamers with a tendency to wander off in alternate genre directions. This track, full of vim and bossa nova swinging party-a-go-go, is from seventh album The People's Record, out in May on reliable old Labrador.

Club 8 - Western Hospitality

Labrador? That reminds us.

Jam On Bread - I Heart Labrador Records
(Beardy ukelele man o'Grimsby Jam On Bread is... dunno. Steve? Associates of Steve? What's up with you/him?)

Death Of London will never get signed to Labrador. This is because a) they're on Function Records, who release EP The Independent State Of Death Of London on 5th April, and b) they sound like all of Steve Albini's bands at once so wouldn't fit in the slightest. BTW: The press release claims they formed from the ashes of Maybeshewill. The still extant and touring in June Maybeshewill will be surprised to learn they have ashes.

Death Of London - This Is Japan


Jim W said...

Steve's got an album coming out, produced by Oli Trademark. It'll sound proper and everything.

heartbeeps said...

Co-produced by Chris Alcxxk of Internet Forever, fo' sho'.