Saturday, February 20, 2010

Islet it be

The music press story about Islet so far has been that they "shun modern forms of music sharing", in other words they don't have a Myspace and their only outlet is a fan site. We've seen quite a few bands boasting about their lack of a streaming service for their songs recently, or just not having any music shared on their account, which presumably must make Pete Green a groundbreaking artist for the first time in his life. What the story should be is how absolutely amazing they are live. Not in a way that's easily describable, inevitably, for all the motorik syncopation, the art-damaged end of post-punk, screamed mantras, sudden changes, drones, jumping around, instrument swapping, charging around the room with maracas/tambourine/bass in hand, and at one point everyone drumming in strict rhythm except the keyboard player, who was sat behind the drumkit (and he gave in eventually). This whole shebang is conducted by two members of Cardiff mid-00s nearly-weres Attack & Defend, one of Fredrick Stanley Star and an ex-Victorian English Gentlemens Club, and two tracks, of which this isn't one, are downloadable, along with much else, from Turnstile. They're opening for the no slouches themselves Los Campesinos! at the moment and are on as early as 8.15pm in some places, so get there very early. And down or near the front, for full effect.

Islet - Iris (BBC Introducing in Wales session)

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