Thursday, February 04, 2010

Disaster relief

It may sound like the sort of Chinese Democracy-like assertion that if said long enough would have to become a self-fulfilling prophecy eventually, but our much beloved Nottingham friends and headliners of the first in a long line of money-haemorraghing STN nights, Love Ends Disaster!, finally have an album ready. City Of Glass, it's called, and while we don't know a proper release date yet your first chance to get hold of a copy will be on Saturday 13th February, when they play a hometown show at Nottingham Rescue Rooms. Also waiting for your four quid outlay: doomy post-post-punks Stop Eject, thunderously angular trio Dead Spex and Martinseviltwin, who we know nothing about and suspect Jon has made up. If we weren't elsewhere*, we'd be there.

(* The second of two nights of MJ Hibbett's space fantasy one man show Dinosaur Planet at Leicester Criterion, since you ask. Why not come down to that as well. Somehow.)

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