Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alien contact

You'll have to largely make up your own overheated hyperbole about Prestatyn duo Under Alien Skies, we're afraid. Animal Collective's name is coming up a lot for the way it fuses space electronics soundscapes with plangent vocals, in a more solemnic fashion, but you could equally cite Eno beauty in chaos or, particularly on this track, Grizzly Bear's post-Beach Boys serene landscaping. Or you could just quote BBC Radio Wales' head of musical newness Adam Walton at length: "Oh, dear god, this is outstanding!... this is the best reason, so far, for listening ahead into 2010 with hope, expectation and wonder... If I hear an EP as good as this before the end of the year, I will explode with furry joy. Pray that doesn't happen." The EP is called Powder, and apparently it's freely downloadable from somewhere. This is a quiet marvel that, should any of the above appeal, you cannot miss. (This was going to be overheated hyperbole free, wasn't it? Bugger.)

Under Alien Skies - Fyodor

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