Sunday, May 03, 2009


Surely there must be some bands from the 1980s who aren't ripe for having their sound revived? Well, here's the millennial Blow Monkeys. Kind of, anyway - Napoleon (not to be confused with STN favourite Napoleon IIIrd) are a Swedish decet about whose grooves you'll hear a very European pop sensibility in their white soul stylings, by way of everything from Stax to Spector to Morrissey. Such unashamed updating of retro-pop stylings makes sense of the fact they're signed to Lucky Soul's Ruffa Lane label, who are putting out an album on May 25th, the tremendously titled Bohemians Won The Series And The Little Guy Joined The Band.

Napoleon - Send Me A Woman

Can someone form a 2000s Pigbag or King Kurt now?


Rol said...

Oh, I do like that. Great lyrics and quality backing vocals.

Actually, I have to go listen to that again.

Rol said...

Even better, I just found the whole album is already available to buy on emusic - the song titles alone made it an essential purchase!