Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Alright now

Alright The Captain are an instrumental band. And round here, you know what being an instrumental bands - intricate intertwining math-y guitar lines, punishing drumming, the odd lapse into sludge metal riffage. Well... yes, all that, but there's something in the way they do it which includes more than just knowing their way round post-rock dynamics, with knowledge of surf, post-hardcore and glitch all coming to the fore. With And So I Watch You From Afar making waves with the right people, a new album from Maybeshewill, just across the county border from the trio's Derby base, in June and 65daysofstatic making a renewed attack on the senses across the festivals with an album imminent maybe there's even a scene in it all.

Alright The Captain - Bad Teeth

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