Friday, May 08, 2009

Kill the sound

Quick one today. We really thought that, with a label behind them and a big potential ahead, Kill It Kid would have attracted more attention than they have for their John Parish produced Deep South death blues with Anthony Hegarty-like vocals. Everything's right there on a plate for gorging critics. Ah well. Here's the B-side of their debut single proper Send Me An Angel Down, out on 18th May through One Little Indian, which you can hear and see underneath.

Kill It Kid - Date It The Day


David said...

Give them some time? Is this their first single? I think Q are behind them and can see more people catching up. (Catching up with Q, deary me)

Simon said...

Hey, you're nowhere without a heavy rotation debut single these days. In fairness they're the kind of band that you can see building a reputation rather than storming the gates, and the demos they had up were all potentially really special. It's just it would have been good to see someone like Kennedy or Lamacq take an early punt on them.