Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Music That Made... Broken Records

The big sound of Broken Records has long been a favourite of us over here on STN, the Balkanised orchestral gravitas throwdown on Montreal's patch, crescendoing and forcing its path as and when necessary to bulk its swirling nature. Their album Until The Earth Begins To Part is out on 4AD on 1st June; we'll give it a proper write-up nearer the time, but for now bassist David Fothergill shares his formative influences:

First single bought: I won a signed 7” of Gazza’s Fog On The Tyne for doing an Emlyn Hughes (of football and Question Of Sport fame) impression.
First album bought: Get A Grip by Aerosmith
First gig voluntarily attended: The Charlatans at The Almondvale Centre, Livingstone.
The record that most made you want to get into music: I have an extremely vivid memory of my older brother playing a tape of Nirvana’s Nevermind and being utterly captivated by the sound they were making. Immediately I wanted to play the guitar and make those same noises, and shortly after that I was spending the majority of my time learning how to do so.
The three headliners at a festival you were curating: Silver Jews, Fugazi, Tom Waits
A song not enough people know about but everyone should hear: Silver Jews - Tennessee. They are one of those bands that you either just click with or you don’t. This was the one that hooked me in for good.
A song you'd play to get people dancing: Going through a bit of a Prince phase at the moment, so When Doves Cry would probably be the one I’d use to try and get peoples feet moving (Although Safety Dance by Men Without Hats is a sure-fire floor filler when Rory and myself are allowed to DJ on the odd occasion)
The last great thing you heard: Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters by The Twilight Sad
Your key non-musical influences: Do books & films about music/musicians count?
Your favourite new artist: I’m getting a lot of energetic, new-wave pop enjoyment from the Vivian Girls album.

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