Friday, May 29, 2009

Going Live!

Hello. We have an announcement to make, and it's an exciting one so let's get straight to it.

Sweeping The Nation is putting on a gig as part of the Summer Sundae Fringe Festival.

It's on Thursday August 6th at Firebug, Leicester, doors 8pm, £5 entry on the door (18+ only, sorry), and we've invited three two people we've gone on about in the past to display their wares:

Love Ends Disaster!
Wiry, smart post-postpunkrevivalists from Nottingham, readying their debut album of purest unpredictable fuzzy pop goodness.

"This band will be massive. We've not been wrong before." (Rough Trade)
"That pleasantly exhausted feeling you get when you come off an Alton Towers ride is how you'll feel after listening to LED!" (Sandman)
"Sounds like nothing else we can think of!" (Rock Sound)

Ladders, at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall supporting a post-Hutchence INXS. Somehow.

Pagan Wanderer Lu
Cardiff-based, Green Man-headed Andy Regan brings his boxes of tricks, way with a sociopolitically impassioned lyric and hotwired melodies.

"In the world of big bland bands and groups trying so hard to sound like each other, artists like Pagan Wanderer Lu are a breath of fresh air" (Huw Stephens)
"Pagan Wanderer Lu again astounds us with his vision, promise and sonic ability - never has something so miserable sounded so vital" (Subba Cultcha)

The Gentleman's Game, with full band

So, that's what we're doing. What are you doing?

Overlarge poster, including our good friends Twesta's own Fringe gig

Facebook event page
Songkick page

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