Monday, May 18, 2009

Still around

No, this isn't another reader testing blank week, we just didn't have time to get anything prepared for earlier. While we do, a quick heads up for an album out this week.

One of the things you always find in Au Revoir Simone reviews is a comparison to the vision of auteur-type film directors - Lynch, Coppolla, Gondry. Yet theirs isn't so much a filmic vision as the illuminatory background score trying to take over on its own terms. Williamsburg girls who, while admired by the cognescenti, are too aloof to be hipsterish. Still Night Still Light, their third album, is their twinkliest and ethereal yet, the tri-part harmonies this time more often playing off blissful textures than The Bird Of Music's pulses and pitches, almost Postal Servician at times. The use as such of tonal keyboards against pre-programmed drum machines makes it come on like Beach House have formed an army or a gossamer Broadcast. There's still vocally charged pop melodies under the layered electronics, darker and more melancholic than before and less likely to drift away. As with Camera Obscura, this is an album that might not feature the outstanding moments of its predecessor but as a whole collection is more focused, more capable of marking out its individual turf and as a result more of a success in demonstrating who they are and what they do. Sometimes from artificial means comes natural beauty.

Au Revoir Simone - All Or Nothing

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