Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Go Team

News reaches us of a split EP out next Monday through newish CDR label Team Strike Force, which is exciting because a) it's Daniel from Smalltown America's side project, if a label can have a side project, and b) it's six tracks of low budget/high quality threshold goodness operating under the excellent title Life! Death! Prizes! (order here) On the first half is Mat Riviere, whom you may have seen bigged up by one of Internet Forever on here not too long ago and is that pleasing rarity, someone who can make pop and electronic loops work for him. His songs are full of choruses and ideas built up around droning keyboards and loops and is very exciting.

Mat Riviere - Castroreale

On the second half, Jam On Bread is one bloke called Steve from Grimsby, who declares his talents as "basic ukulele, rubbish voice, amateurish recording". Well, yeah. Or: homespun brittle self-deprecating charm about the wish to become a manatee, the benefits of staying indoors, the glory of Labrador Records and...

Jam On Bread - The Pros And Cons Of Having A Beard

The pair of them are planning out a tour in mid-July - check Myspaces for details.

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