Friday, March 14, 2014

Wrapping up another working week: Broken Records/Trust Fund/Ides

Broken Records - Revival

If the first track we heard from the Toska EP, out 24th March, took them a step closer to more overtly windswept compatriots, this one carries on down its own ambitious path, starting like it wants nothing and nobody to get in its way and building from there. Swelling without having to artlessly become 'epic', its peaks and troughs are just as we found them all those years ago right through the moment the thing bursts wide open and becomes actively celebratory.

Trust Fund - No Surprise

Ellis Jones' soul baring came to our attention not long ago on the Don't Let Them Begin EP, which felt a British south-western kinship with Lou Barlow-like cracked directness. On this new track, which will feature on a Reeks Of Effort split EP, Sick of Hits Vol​.​2, Ellis uses acoustic fragility to cut himself away from his friends before a distorted roar of electric guitar attempts vainly to take over. Trust Fund is playing the Reeks Of Effort Prom on Saturday 15th - that's tomorrow - at the DIG arts space in Lewisham, alongside Playlounge, Saturday's Kids, King Of Cats, Poledo, Lone Omi and...

Ides - Machine

...well, not Ides actually, but Alanna McArdle's other employers Joanna Gruesome. As with that above Ides is a vehicle through which McArdle can fling her rawest thoughts into the ether, though here she's literally and metaphorically keeping her distance from anything too sharply pointed.

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