Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday's children: Farewell JR, King Post Kitsch, Gymnast, Dad Rocks!

Farewell J.R - Skin Pieces

Taken from second proper EP And Still, out April 21st, a song that seems to float under its own steam on rough seas, building on swelling arrangements that culminate in elegaic strings and lucidly broken vocals in finding the moments of realisation in the dark.

King Post Kitsch - The Days Keep Coming

A previous recording by Glasgow's Charlie Ward appeared on one of our compilations, so little hesitation from this end in recommending a track, unsettled in its tightly nervously coiled, attractively rhythmic scrappiness, from his second album Sheep On A Beach, out April 14th.

Gymnast - Geneva

Manchester-based duo play with the delicacy and intrigue in stuttering, atmospheric synths, shuddering and struggling to locate its psychological place like a warmer London Grammar or freeze-dried out-take from Present Tense.

Dad Rocks! - Peers

I see, sending out a track with the lyric "you even embedded a SoundCloud in hope that it helps out with crowds at gigs" for blog embedding. Quixotic Danish-based Icelander Snævar Albertsson's second album in this guise Year Of The Flesh, out in September, deals with weighty issues of ageing and the modern world while sounding like a lo-fi folk equivalent of Yoni Wolf, but starts off with a treatise on the ethics of filesharing. But not with the sort of tone you might imagine.

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