Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekends away 2014: Focus Wales

WHAT? 150+ live bands, plus assorted interactive sessions, comedy and so forth

WHERE? A number of central Wrexham venues, all within walking distance

WHEN? 23rd-26th April

WHY? STN has always been a sucker for a thoughtfully booked multi-venue festival, and also for festivals in Wales, so... The first of the year's really fascinating expansive bills, smartly put together and not overly willing to make too much of a fuss about itself. Also a range of panels, seminars and speeches involving the likes of Huw Stephens, Alan McGee, John Robb, Will Sergeant, Chris Hawkins and Islet/Shape Records' Mark Daman Thomas.

HOW? £30 for music, £50 for everything, individual gig and day tickets too - all broken down here

THURSDAY: Damo Suzuki, John Cooper Clarke, Georgia Ruth, Cian CiarĂ¡n, Seazoo, The Gentle Good, All We Are

FRIDAY: Islet, Euros Childs, Mowbird, Golden Fable, Masters In France, Houdini Dax, HMS Morris, Poltergeist

SATURDAY: Gulp, Keys, Chris T-T, We Are Animal, Black Moth

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