Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday's newbies: Slow Club, John MOuse, Cosines, Sylvan Esso

Slow Club - Complete Surrender

Claiming influences from Frankie Valli to Katy Perry - admittedly you could have gleaned that from access to their first two albums and Rebecca's Twitter account - third album Complete Surrender is out July 14th. As the previously released track Tears Of Joy suggested this is a subtle but hefty step sideways, filled out by a rush of electronic beats as it gleefully skips between soul and modern pop depending largely on who's singing, nodding to their mates Summer Camp in doing so. Then big strings come on just to finish it off in a way that hints, surely unintentionally, of My Life Story.

John MOuse - I Was A Goalkeeper

It's the first football suggestive song of World Cup year! Four albums in John MOuse are offbeat Welsh indie of a type you didn't think you really got any more, meaning the blurb's attempt at promoting it as a big crossover terrace anthem are perhaps wide of the mark, not least as it's actually about childhood dreams through the medium of kickabouts in the park. Gareth Campesinos! (who was making noises about his own band contributing to the England cause this summer not long ago) shouts along on the chorus, a big guitar hook drives through the middle like a runaway HGV and it's done in three minutes.

Cosines - Commuter Love

Cosines put out one of our favourite indie debut singles last year in Hey Sailor Boy!, and they return to the ever useful Fika for its 7" follow-up, filching Goldfrapp's electro-glam stomp for a tale of lives lost to the working week. Apparently the unavailable B-side sounds like "Camera Obscura was influenced by Neu! and fronted by Kirsty MacColl". The mind boggles.

Sylvan Esso - Coffee

A Hype Machine #1 more than a month ago! Who says we're slow to trends round here? A collaboration between Mountain Man's Amelia Meath and Megafaun's Nick Sanborn, it explores Au Revoir Simone's territory of twinkling, gauzy electronic pop with extra longing, the video not straying too far from that aesthetic. Their album is out 2nd June and they're doing European dates in May with tUnE-yArDs, which seems an intriguing match.

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