Thursday, March 20, 2014

Martha - 1997, Passing In The Hallway

If you studied yesterday's post about this weekend's Leicester Indiepop Alldayer intently, like you should have done, you'll have spotted a prominent position for Pity Me's straight-edge rocket-powered indiepop-punk dynamos Martha. The light was officially lit under them today on the announcement the mighty Fortuna Pop! label will be putting out their debut album Courting Strong at the end of May, bringing with it another entry from the STN Favourite I-Spy list, MJ off of Hookworms producing. The first single is classic harmonic buzzsaw pop, slightly melodically straighter than their 2012 EP, given the teenage kick pop subject of school crushes. And it contains a mention of the double helix in the chorus. Is it too much to hope, after 1978, Smiling Politely and 1848, Yawning Discreetly from that EP, every track on the album is titled like that? And thenceforth every track on every album?

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