Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And the next one: Free Swim, Fuck Art Let's Dance!, Luke Haines

Free Swim - You Get Out What You Putin

Ooh, topical. Well, not really. Their return EP Well Done Everyone is out May 5th; from it comes some heavy circular riffage and some quixotic rapidfire lyrics.

Fuck Art, Let's Dance! - We're Manicals!

Alongside their love of exclamation marks we'd like to think this band are named after the early Madness slogan, despite being from Hamburg. It's not a hint that follows through to the music, mind, this being halting, darkly warped electronically aided guitar pop of a fairly Everything Everything bent. Their album Atlas is out 28th April.


Luke Haines - Alan Vega Says

The completion of Haines' squelchy psychedelia/pop cultural nostalgia/high tariff individualism trilogy, NY In The 70s, out May 19th, is "a mythic re-imagining of the New York Rock n Roll scene 1972 - 1979". Well, it would never be a straight retelling, would it?

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