Monday, April 12, 2010

Swing time

The Indelicates - a band completely impervious to proper STN-trade punning headlines.

Their new album Songs For Swinging Lovers has been released in the past few minutes through their own newly minted Corporate Records auspices under a post-In Rainbows (but with PayPal) pay what you like scheme. If you need to catch up on Simon and Julia (and the rest of them)'s evil genius, American Demo, our eleventh favourite album of 2008, can also be downloaded for a flat fiver. There's a whole other ethos to the Corporate Records idea laid out therein involving signing yourself up to the 'label', but you can go and take that in yourselves.

They're planning to make a video for every track on the album, starting with the demonic skiffle-Pogues of Sympathy For The Devil. Your monetary input could make back the expense on those CGI effects and specialist dance classes.

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