Thursday, April 22, 2010

Enjoy the Trips

Although from Montreal, Trips And Falls are going through Edinburgh's Song By Toad (two mp3s via that link as well as purchase details), who seem like they're on the verge of a big year even if the gig-goers of Leicester don't know it yet (they handle Meursault, and one day we'll tell you how much we lost on that magnificent night when we put them on with Stairs To Korea. Anyway, Trips And Falls)

It's hard to put a handle on what it is they do - their chief listed influences are Sweep the Leg Johnny, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Calexico and Charles Mingus, none of which are much help. The band they immediately remind us of, one we've written about a fair bit on here, are Mitchell Museum, taking apart pop melodies, slowing them down, generally screwing around with them, then soldering them back into place to see what might happen. This does make it sound we're fixating on the Scottish connection but there's elements of Ballboy in here too, the twinkling, misleadingly easygoing music backing Jacob Romero's forlorn tales of humanity going not so much wrong as just odd. "Creepy", the press release prefers, and the dense production detail ensures there's plenty going on in the background. And in the foreground on You Should Really Get Yours, which sounds like Stump played backwards.

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