Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday presents I

As mentioned, some people we've talked up and others who are at least aware of STN have recorded covers for us of the sort of people we've been talking about over the years, and over the next week/until they run out we'll be running them as exclusive downloads on here.

Internet Forever's noise-pop nuggets have put them high on our watch lists for quite a while now, ever since we curiously described them as "a Los Campesinos! affected by the credit crunch". Indeed LC! invited them into their curated day at Swn last year and they've toured with Johnny Foreigner; they play the 100 Club with Frankie & The Heartstrings on 3rd May. As you'll doubtless know the band are essentially a conglomeration of three bedroom projects, not least Craig Nunn's four-track alter ego Heartbeeps, which we wrote about five months before we tackled the band. For our purposes, he made this cover of a single by Brainlove's 8-bit batterer Mat Riviere (original here:

Heartbeeps - FYH

And as a bonus, a previously unreleased Internet Forever remix by someone we've been going on about for even longer, the wonky genius of Cardiff's Andy Regan, Pagan Wanderer Lu.

Internet Forever vs Pagan Wanderer Lu - Break Bones (chipped bones remix by PWL)

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