Monday, April 05, 2010

Looki here

We know it'd be inevitable that somewhere along the line we'd have some form of influence given how much we go on about certain bands, but from the four songs they've uploaded to SoundCloud something gnaws away at the back of our mind that LookiMakeMusic (who are on Myspace too) might have been formed for our benefit alone.

Well, listen. There's frantic, honest and ultra-introspective, some say overthought, spoken word vocals (Los Campesinos!, Why?, Ballboy, Art Brut), spasmodic rhythmic moments where the guitar goes nuts (Johnny Foreigner), off-key singing with sudden screaming, music/pop culture referencing, moans about the state of Birmingham clubs (Johnny Foreigner), the odd floating violin part (LC!, Picture Books In Winter - whither, by the way?)... we don't know what the wider audience of this is, but it's no wonder Kieron Gillen put in a good word for them given how much they sound like the quintessential post-Never On A Sunday* wallow listen. They even like inventing their own genres - 'postpop chattercore', 'spoken word post-rock apocalypse' (that's the sound of Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia missing a trick right there)... basically it's meta-meta-tweexcore, and little the bad for that.

Are you in Birmingham on May 15th? That afternoon, 3-7pm, LookiMakeMusic are headlining a Saturday Matinee (free, all ages) at Island Bar. A fortnight before then Kidnapper Bell are playing the same, as are Ace Bushy Striptease a fortnight later.

(* The club night in Phonogram: The Singles Club. Keep up. Yeah, we're thinking of that one which ends with Lloyd discovering We Throw Parties You Throw Knives in particular)

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Anonymous said...

Absolute, genuine worship of this band right now. Perfection incarnate.