Friday, April 02, 2010

Elles bells

As they've got their tour starting tonight, a official conclusive word for the Kiara Elles. They've already had a thousand namechecks on here - they did a Music That Made and were given an official Class Of 2010 badge (no actual badge) - but we've hit the album stage, Slide Over, released 10th May on Vandal Recordings, the startup label of former Black Star Liner frontman Choque Hosein, who also produces. Those seduced by the frantic post-punk wiriness of Odio should be wary that it's a far more slippery customer, often driven by big buzzing basslines and insidiously subtle guitar, rhythmically driven without ever overdoing it. You'll hear echoes of other Leodensians Girls at Our Best! and Delta 5, and we suspect Magazine and Comet Gain records were close at hand too. Actually, someone in The Fly claims "this sounds like something the characters from Skins would listen to", which used as a positive probably says more about them then it does about the record. Perhaps they've been taken in by the synth that emerges bubbling on top on a few tracks. Whatever, it's an album that sneaks further into your affections with every listen.

Apart from Odio, the song with the big chorus hook is The Bet, which is half of their new double A-side and that sounds like this.

As we say, they're about to go on a tour that lasts for just over a week, has a couple of weeks off, goes back out for two dates, then a fortnight later remembers it's got one date to go (supporting the Kabeedies, for what it's worth), something which could perhaps be best expressed not by a messy list but by an artfully stylish poster. Oh look, here's one now.

That Leeds date is their local album launch, and also an all-dayer on which they're third on the bill to the Paddingtons. No sense of their own worth, that band, you'd be forced to admit.

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