Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yearender pt. 3: the detritus strikes back

Yes, we did forget to put these in the last one, how did you guess?

Actress Hands: from Brighton, and featuring Brake/ESPer Alex White, a meeting of lo-fi dynamics, Teenage Fanclub jangly chime and restrained J Mascisisms. Album in April

The Fog Band: from Bath come well dressed men touting powerhouse early Who-style proto-punk mod meets Strokes new wave, with bits of Factory Records and burning Detroit in the middle

The God Damn Doo Wop Band: three girls harmonising 60s style with an indieish backing. (This seems familiar, if coincidentally.) In Minneapolis it comes with a sax and is a tad harder

The Sailplanes: two guitar/no bass London trio who are probably heartily sick of Sonic Youth comparisons by now, so here's some other markers: Sleater-Kinney, Ikara Colt, the fuzzier end of C86

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: long serving Chicago octet, who apparently count Wayne Coyne as a fan, landing in Smiths/Belle & Sebastian/Camera Obscura bedsitter low-key majesty territory

Not including the Rakes on the BBC Six O'Clock News, as we couldn't locate it on YouTube. Tell us if we've missed any live contenders

5 The Pipettes on Newsnight discussing downloading - would have been higher were they actually in the studio
4 British Sea Power on BBC2's Betjeman And Me covering The Licorice Fields of Pontefract - well, they were always going to do something like that eventually. Griff Rhys Jones appears to have actually got them talking, mind. Noble scares us
3 The Gossip on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross - a booking that came out of nowhere and shook many up, not least Conor McNicholas
2 The Boy Least Likely To on GMTV - and winningly not a patch of embarrassment showing until the back-announcement at having the characters from their album cover dance around the pair of them, but maybe that's what comes of being James Blunt's support of choice
1 Shimura Curves on BBC Breakfast - now come on, at least the averagely inclined had already heard of the others, but what were the chances of this springing out of nowhere? Miss AMP's doing, inevitably, and note how she leaves it to the caption to actually name them.


  • Preston on Celebrity Big Brother really did blow the doors wide open - now we can't look smugly for long lost boy band members to appear on reality TV as it could be your favourite. Unlikely, admittedly, but more possible than a year ago, at the very least. Here's his introduction to the non-mod revival revival nation.
  • War On Emo! Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie gets floored by a bottle at Reading. Daphne & Celeste didn't have that.
  • Much to say about Technology Ennobling Everyone In Music in our season review, so for the time being let's go to square one with the original video for Lily Allen's LDN
  • Many retirements and splits this year, prime among which were Sleater-Kinney - the last song from their last show, One More Hour.
  • In another sense entirely, we lost Top Of The Pops to negligence. The last great studio performance? Made Up Love Song #43, possibly, or maybe even ths slowed down military drumbeat version of Crazy.
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