Friday, December 01, 2006

The Christmas season here on Sweeping The Nation

How on earth did we make it this far? Here's some of the jetsam coming up this side of Jools' Hootenanny:

Sweeping The Nation Covermount 3
Look. Up there.

Sweeping The Nation's Top 30 Albums Of 2006
2nd-31st December
Yes, we've found another ten extra from last year's selection to eulogise. The big countdown with mp3s, links and that of the thirty best albums given a full UK release this year, the placings of some of which even we'd like to take up with ourselves. Oh, and even though it was in our half year list the iLiKETRAiNS release has been disallowed as the band refer to it as an EP rather than a mini-album and rules is rules. And the Anathallo album never got past import status.

The Weekly Sweep Top 100 Singles Of 2006
19th, 24th and 30th December
We still believe in the format even if nobody else does. Limited edition 7" or major label priority release, they've all been considered and audited, apart from the ones we've not heard. We reserve the right to completely change this list by this time next year, albeit only in our heads.

The Only Charts That Counted
6th, 13th, 16th and 20th December
Last year we remembered six great Christmas top forties in full. This year, four. Cutbacks. One of them's got the Barron Knights in, kids!

Yearender: Weekender Review Of The Year
18th, 22nd and 28th December
The best Myspace discoveries, whatever really good YouTube clips are actually still there, the chart review of the year and whatever else we can think of to fill space.

Sweeping The Nation Review Of 2006
December 31st
Last year, over 4,100 words. Can we make it dissertation sized this year?

UK Albums Of 2006 Poll
1st January 2007
Arcade Fire pissed it last year, Sufjan finishing off the pop urine of metaphor. This year there's not really been the same pan-cultural standouts. What will the great and good of the UK music blogosphere pick now? Exciting. Potential participants, expect a reminder email before very long.

Two more Weekenders, two more Sweeps and whatever other shit we can think of.

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