Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Weekly Sweep presents The Top 100 Singles Of 2006: 100-67

Yep, we're nothing if in it for the hilariously overarching long haul this Festivus. A single qualifies if we have evidence it was properly released on any format from 7" upwards, and lead tracks from EPs count. No, not 'tracks', you'll notice, that would have been far too complicated.

In fact, tell you what, while we're waiting and whiling away these hours, why not leave guesses as to what will be number one in the comments box before it's revealed on the 30th December? We won't tell you if you're right, there's no prizes in it, but we're keen to see if our leanings can be second guessed by the casual browser yet. Here's a clue - it's none of these...

100 Amy Winehouse - Rehab [YouTube]
This week's pop culture punchbag stays inches this side of self-parody, but check that Stax arrangement
99 The Pipettes - Pull Shapes [YouTube]
Not the great poptimist moment of many claims, but still impossible to stop. Wanting some more very much on-menu, but is it OK to say both vinyl B-sides were better?
98 The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control [YouTube]
Rumbles like a steam train, pummels like Jack Dempsey. Surprise Jonathan Ross appearance understandably got plenty talking, and not just Look At The Fat Bird
97 Pull Tiger Tail - Animator [YouTube]
Fratellis-esque rapid decline hasn't been completely removed from the agenda, but fine Maximo-esque jitters to be getting along with
96 Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down [YouTube]
There's only two of 'em! Jagged but knowing how to control its dynamics, we're strangely reminded of a calmer Cay
95 Rumble Strips - Hate Me You Do [YouTube]
Welcome the second hand soul vision. But as Kevin Rowland said at the time, it's merely taking (post-)punk attitude to Stax soul and Charlie Waller has plenty of both
94 Gnarls Barkley - Crazy [YouTube]
Organic sounding hip hop shouldn't be as big as it was, but that chorus was as undeniable as Danger Mouse's beats ever are
93 Liam Frost and the Slowdown Family - She Painted Pictures [Myspace]
The personable Mancunian could have been a contender if he had more broodingly gorgeous moments such as this
92 Infadels - Love Like Semtex [YouTube]
Actual new rave when Klaxons were in nappies, darkly menacing synths meets slashed guitar meets energetic bald man
91 SixNationState - Keep Dancing [YouTube]
Like The Coral with their skunk supply replaced with PCP, energy to spare and jumpy Tex-Mex rhythms to go
90 Archie Bronson Outfit - Dead Funny [YouTube]
Lasciviously hypnotic blues-punk from bearded south-westerners. "Just get your head down"? What are you suggesting?
89 Editors - Blood [YouTube]
Just re-releasing the same tiny pool of singles over and over again doesn't suggest great imaginative depth, but we still liked thi
88 Sparks - Dick Around [YouTube]
Completely over the top amateur symphonics meets rock guitar meets oblique imagery, as per
87 The Crimea - Lottery Winners On Acid [YouTube]
Wasn't it supposed to be their year? Ah well, this Flaming Lips-esque psych-janglepop wasn't destined to shift supermarket units
86 Dananananaykroyd - Some Dresses
Somewhere between At The Drive-In, linear Sonic Youth, early Pavement and a right shambles. Unhelpfully, they've just lost their singer
85 I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona [YouTube]
Self-asserting three chord chorality was rarely so much fun. Music to throw a child's party to, albeit one not in the most stable of nuclear families
84 Jamie T - Salvador [YouTube]
Driving, brooding, rumbling post-Arctics New Wave hybrid delivered like the rootless reincarnation of Ian Dury
83 Brakes - All Night Disco Party (remix) [YouTube]
They've just extended it a bit and put some squelches underneath! A particularly impossible track to completely ruin, though
82 Les Incompetents - How It All Went Wrong [YouTube]
Well, it all went wrong quite badly by the end, but at least they had one moment of touching oddball faux-shambolic indie greatness
81 Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweetheart [YouTube]
Lasciviously hypnotic blues-punk from bearded south-westerners. Again. Except this time Sam Windett's singing as if his immediate future depends on it
80 Maximo Park - I Want You To Stay [live YouTube]
The last single from A Certain Trigger, the cocksure pleading was still comprehensively lapped by the Field Music/J Xaverre B-side remix
79 Larrikin Love - Edwould [YouTube]
Brash headlong charge at the punk-reggae crossover point that keeps on keeping on so forcefully that not even a fiddle solo stops it
78 Mystery Jets - The Boy Who Ran Away [acoustic live YouTube]
Percussion break of the year, and the lie given to the idea that the Jets are New Prog instigators - this is as much oddball pop as anything
77 Arctic Monkeys - The View From The Afternoon [YouTube]
In through leading the Who The Fuck Are...? EP and coruscatingly detailing a night out from excitement soup to drunk declaration nuts
76 Larrikin Love - Happy As Annie [YouTube]
Well, that twist kind of puts a dampener on the day. More louche Albion-seeking rudeboyisms with no small amount of self-mocking ("my accuracy is quite unnerving")
75 Ensemble - Disown Delete [YouTube]
Chan Marshall's voice, when used in the right setting (hello at this point to Faithless) can melt hearts. The twisted velvet electronic backing here is the right setting.
74 Sparks - Perfume [YouTube]
Essentially it's a big list of types of perfume and the girls they remind Russell of, but the scratchy riff over the usual kitchen sink is the winner
73 Mystery Jets - Diamonds In The Dark [YouTube]
A re-recording from the album that for once actually is better than the original, Stephen Street adding just enough summery streamline
72 Jamie T - Sheila [YouTube]
See, this is why Treays' last two singles have disappointed us - they're just not all over the place enough. Dark near-rap, skanking, cheap keyboards and Betjeman together?
71 Goodbooks - Leni [YouTube]
Their most straight up and down publicly released moment so far, but with unsettled bass and keyboards pulling the straight line indiepop melody askew
70 Misty's Big Adventure - Fashion Parade [YouTube]
Grandmaster Gareth with a right cob on, essentially. Crucially it's as funny as it is cynical, and a joyous horn blast never hurt anyone
69 Lucky Soul - My Brittle Heart [YouTube]
Immensely lilting Greenwich Motor City gorgeousness - and see, Leona? Ali Howard's got something like your kind of voice, and she does something with ut
68 Kanye West - Touch The Sky [Letterman performance - YouTube]
First listen: obvious sample, game needs lifting. Second listen: airpunching testification. And did anyone make a more rocket-fuelled entrance onto the big stage than Lupe Fiasco here?
67 Luke Haines - Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop [YouTube]
Haines wanted it to sound like Girls Aloud; Richard X instead made it sound like Italian disco dragged backwards through a Cabaret Voltaire hedge


Brig Bother said...

I think it will be something surprising, like Rudebox by Robbie Williams.

Anonymous said...

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