Friday, December 22, 2006

Those free Christmas songs (not) in full

Sweeping The Nation Covermount 3: A Very Sweeping Christmas: have we mentioned this at all?

Deerhoof - Little Drummer Boy (via Skatterbrain) - bitesized, stripped down effort from San Franciscan cult scattershot noisepoppers

Hark! The Filthy Angels Sing: a free three-'CD' album of festive tuneage from Filthy Little Angels records, who brought us the Grease covers album in the summer. Includes Hefner, Wojtek Godzisz (ex-Symposium, covering December Will Be Magic Again), Helen Love, Schla La Las, Theoretical Girl, Das Wanderlust, The International Karate Plus, The Vichy Government, The Sailplanes and plenty more

Hot Uncles - The Joy Of Giving (Myspace): aforementioned one-off collaboration between Dan Michaelson of Absentee and Steven Adams of the Broken Family Band, as world weary as expected with a corking first line

The Knife - Christmas Reindeer: cynical stab at the out-there electropop Christmas market! The Dreijers rework an old song for a festive feel

Lucky Soul - Lonely This Christmas (Myspace): we briefly mentioned this yesterday, since when we've actually listened to it and it's a lovely thing - Mud (Mud!) given the swooning Memphis soul treatment

A Parenthetical Girls Family Christmas: Washington-born freakpoppers give away five songs, including Last Christmas

The Priscillas - One Christmas Wish (Myspace): dressed up, huge riffing glam-garageers apply usual Joan Jett/Ramones-esque subtlety to The Season

Richard Hawley - Silent Night: in the form of an ecard, so we haven't worked out how to listen to it yet. Still, just imagining the combination is half the enjoyment

Sufjan Stevens - That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!: oh come on, you know this particular drill by now. Ashtmatic Kitty give away a quality Sufjan original from the box set

Swipe! - Last Christmas (Myspace) : just as we precis them for Yearender we find they've uploaded a brooding duet cover featuring Gwenno Pipette. Not the first to cover it, doubtless won't be the last


noginho said...

Ooh that Lucky Soul track is lovely...

So is Richard Hawley. Shame my PC at work has such terrible speakers.

Anonymous said...

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