Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Steady Gallup - the top 40 explained

1 Sugababes - Push The Button
Also number one for albums, downloads and airplay. When did they get so popular? Oh, we know they always had number one singles, but nothing spanning all media or so long-lasting - probably four weeks, looking at next week's contenders - as this. Note to Stevens, R: maybe an underlying hint of hatred of everyone around you might help.

4 U2 - All Because Of You
This entered the top 75 on import last year and rounds off their most successful set of singles from one album. And you thought this release had passed us all by.

5 Friday Hill - Baby Goodbye
Well, that's any hope they had of having Blazin' Squad retrospectively assessed as a proper street R&B concern gone. Appropriately it sounds like an East 17 ballad. OK, you name the two that aren't Kenzie.

8 Daniel Powter - Bad Day
Drivetime! Back up two places in its twelth top ten week, just to prolong the agony.

11 Feeder - Shatter
Who knew Feeder had such a devoted fanbase? This is the second time they've re-recorded an old B-side for a single release, which suggests they don't have much of a grasp of their best songs.

12 Lee Ryan - Turn Your Car Around
Sorry, is this a new song?

13 Lisa Scott-Lee - Electric
Many have said this being so low is the record buying public's attempts to damn her for her brazenness in the wake of Totally Scott-Lee (awful title, isn't it?), but then how high would this have got without it? Famously the basis of the promo was that if you didn't make it top ten she'd retire - who says the charts don't matter any more? - which at first seemed very "yeah, you're saying that, are you? Not your label?", but then her label for this single is a Dutch dance imprint that Andy Scott-Lee's already on. Everyone's backtracking hurredly, of course, but without this masterstroke of... something, what's the purpose of having Lisa Scott-Lee still releasing singles to supposedly act as anything more than shelf filler? Written by Guy Chambers and Ben Adams, possibly under hypnosis. She's beaten Jenny Frost by 34 places, mind.

24 Roll Deep - Shake A Leg
Younger readers may recall Wiley was last year at the forefront of grime's cutting edge, so much so that he had to invent his own genre, Eski, just for himself. There are worse things to be than a British De La Soul (come on, tag team rapping plus dayglo samples is pretty much 3 Foot High And Rising right there), but it's not going to get style mag fawning. Speaking of which, looking further down the list (bloody hell, Delirious? are back!), we see that almost ridiculously for the amount of press attention and ILX discourse she gets, MIA has missed the top 75 again, Galang 05 matching the original mix by peaking at 77. Someone get Maya a 80s One Hit Wonders complilation pronto, would they?

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