Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Domino rally - this week's singles chart

1 Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
mp3s, knowing all the words, yadda yadda yadda (although well done to the Telegraph, who in their piece about the changing face of building a fanbase referred to "gorilla gigs", which in terms of the characters of many of the people who go to them is correct), but who'd have thought two years ago that Domino would have a number one album and single within a month? Admittedly this signing wasn't that much of a stroke of A&R genius, but reports are the band turned down any number of major subsidiaries to throw their lot in with them. As long as it doesn't turn Lawrence Bell into 1994 Alan McGee we'll be fine with them. Can we stop referring to it as their debut single, though? Only a thousand may well have been pressed but Five Minutes With... still counts. Seriously, even after the stories that its midweeks lead over the Sugababes had increased, who really thought it'd be up here come Sunday? A chart topper genuinely worth discussing, and we're all the more glad about that.

3 McFly - I Wanna Hold You
Initial Reuters write-ups referred to this as I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which seems about right. The last guitar-based band to debut at number one, of course, eventually their support's die-harder elements might notice that they've changed. Who else gets a big scream out of a Who-cribbing solo?

11 Dannii Minogue & Soul Seekerz - Perfection
That Soul Seekerz is very important, if only because Dannii doesn't seem confident enough to bring out a single without some mid-European DJ collective you've never heard of before or since given supposed joint billing. Having spent the entire promotional treadmill talking about her sister, it's a wonder anyone noticed there was a record attached.

13 Love Bites - You Broke My Heart
Look upon this position, The Faders, and despair. We've been waiting for this for nearly the whole of 2005, in that every preview of the year's new bands published at the start of January contained a reference to major labels searching for a female Busted and hence we should keep an eye out for said Faders and these. You'd think majors would look away from the Midlands for guitar-toting popettes, though - 21st Century Girls, anyone?

14 Bob Sinclar - Love Generation
Is it the summer of 1999 again?

15 Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure
How proud can MylO really feel now someone else's bootleg of his song is his major calling card?

22 Littl'ans feat. Pete Doherty - Their Way
You know that saying about really popular acts that they could fart into a microphone, release it and still have a big hit? Proof in action.

34 Lethal Bizzle - Fire
Uncompromising grime - massive hit. Sample of a sample - dribbles into the chart. Conclusion: new marketing required.

35 Da Playaz Vs Clea - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
More Sam & Mark than Liberty X, Clea was an acronym of the members' names. Then one left. The court action must be pending.

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