Sunday, October 09, 2005

In shops tomorrow - 10/10/05


  • Not a lot all round this week, although this is the week when Lisa Scott-Lee's single comes out, and she says she'll quit the music industry if it doesn't go top ten. Who says the chart doesn't matter any more, eh? And yes, that's her saying that, not her label, oh no. Elsewhere Louis XIV re-release their one good song, Finding Out True Love Is Blind, unencumbered by making a right mess of it on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.

  • The Andes-worth of press mountains regarding MIA all seem to miss out one crucial detail, that being that nobody actually buys her records. Arular and all three singles all missed the top 75, which explains why Galang's being given another go. This confused the hell out of the 6 Music Roundtable panel the other week, most giving it low marks on the basis that they couldn't work out the song's political message. Maybe it doesn't have one?

  • Get behind Adam Buxton in the queue for Spoon's new single Sister Jack.


  • Actually, when we wanted new Gang Of Four material we didn't mean a set of re-recordings and remixes in the shape of Return The Gift. Some of the re-recordings work better than others, and getting T*e O***rs to rework the original master tapes sounds much how you'd expect. Entertainment! must be going cheap somewhere.


  • There's a few new books out in the last couple of weeks that deserve Amazon links. Fool The World - The Oral History Of A Band Called Pixies by Josh Frank and Caryn Ganz spun out of the Frank Black musical that was talked about a couple of years ago and derives new interviews from all four members and assorted sidelings and hangers-on. Word is it's hugely detailed and pretty much the last historical word on them.

  • Bob Dylan's Chronicles, Andrew Motion's book of 2004, is out in paperback and still doesn't make a lot of chronological sense. Imagine John Steinbeck gone folk...

  • Richard White's Dexys Midnight Runners: Young Soul Rebels should, if the publishers had a proper sense of humour, have been advertised with full pages in the NME. It's a complex story, and White seems to have done a decent job on it.

  • Also, don't forget to get your orders in early for Margrave Of The Marshes (Peel/Ravenscroft), the serialisation of which starts in today's Telegraph. Speaking of which, the Radio 1 Keeping It Peel website has now officially launched. Look at that sessions detail!

    Ian Snappish said...

    Ooh, I've long thought that a Dexy's book was sadly missing from the book world, so thanks for bringing it to my attention…

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