Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You'd never guess we've lost a third of our readership in the last three months

Don't worry, this isn't another fit of pique related blank, there'll be stuff up before the weekend.

What we should post about is the news that broke while we were out tonight of Good Books' split. They play their final gig opening the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury on Sunday, and then they all go off to do their own things, keyboard whiz JP Duncan first out of the blocks as Jocks. In the short history of STN we think ver 'Books, as nobody called them, have become the first band we've watched from demo, the still tremendous Passchendaele, to deal (a major, who promptly seemed to forget about them), to the rite of passage that is playing to twelve people in Leicester, to our interviewing Max Cooke and putting Control in our top twenty of 2007, to... well... the wait, and now the dissolvement. They were very decent remixers too, and for a brief period you may recall we exclusively had up two special mixes they did for fans only. If we could find one, we'd stick it back up. As it is, here's what they did arguably best.

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