Friday, June 12, 2009

The ten best bits of Future Of The Left's Travels With Myself And Another

In chronological order:

- The explosion from pensive introductory noodling to huge, dirty sounding guitar at the kickoff of Arming Eritrea

- Falco literally screaming himself hoarse at the end of the second verse of Chin Music

- The pub sea shanty singalong of our dreams: "come join, come join our hopeless cause/Come join, come join our lost cause"

- "Though no-one must know it, I am at fault - I introduced Reginald J Trotsfield To his lieutenant, the fearsome Brown"

- "If I eat what I fuck and I fuck what I eat, am I worth it?"

- Kelson Mathias riding the bumpiest of low down and dirty basslines throughout the Jesus Lizard backwards rush of Land Of My Formers

- You Need Satan More Than He Needs You: Bass like tectonic plate movements, actively disturbing Falco delivery, occult parentage subject matter

- Stand By Your Manatee invents the surrealist Shellac

- The Murdoch-baiting, Robbins-mistaking monologue at the start of Lapsed Catholics gradually giving way to a wall of everything. "Be aware! Be alert!"

- The inevitable conclusion - this is an astonishing album, raging, melodically savage, cauterisingly dry and ferociously played. Do not miss it. It's out on 22nd June, or now through their site.

Falco gives the best interviews in the world, doesn't he?

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