Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Washington monumental

Recommendation! Always good to hear from the feveredly eclectic mind of Pete Gofton every once in a while. Recently he's been out moonlighting with the live version of The Week That Was, remixing Sky Larkin for their recent cassette release and producing Internet Forever as much as Internet Forever can ever be termed 'produced' (and Frankie & The Heartstrings, who we mentioned in a Myspace roundup three months ago). Now his own George Washington Brown finally follows up the splendid On The Night Plain album of a couple of years ago with a six-track EP, called, um, EP on Catbird Records (order online). Still his love of impressively scattershot expansive indie pop pervades, gorgeous bedroom psychedelia that comes in multicolours with its welcoming arms spread. It's like an offchunk of Olivia Tremor Control mated with Elliott Smith and abandoned the result of the liaison in Peter and David Brewis' practice space to fend for itself. There's a free track downloadable from that sale link, which kind of means without an mp3 to call our own this entry would kind of peter out had GWB not helpfully made a video for It Still Rains off the aforementioned album.

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