Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Don't think we're going to start regurgitating press releases every day

It's just these two were very kind to us and are very useful.

Songkick! You may have chanced across this plan for a crossover social networking site through the medium of millions of gig listings, but today it went fully live, but it's far more than just cross-referenced lists - you can add videos, photos, setlists and comments, follow other users (hello!), track bands and venues, complete a full lifetime's gigography, cross-pollinate with your last.fm account... plenty to go at.

And yeah, alright, our gig's there too.

The other piece of news regards the amazing looking (Animal Collective! Andrew Bird! Grizzly sodding Bear!*) Green Man festival in August in the picturesquely wet Brecon Beacons. They're running their Green Poll again, finding the people's choice to open the main stage. Well, strictly the top six go through to a, gulp, battle of the bands where, oh lord, "a panel of top music industry boffins" pick their favourite, so in our pessimistic state we'd guess Picture Books In Winter, Jonquil and Mitchell Museum have little to no chance. Still, one can but promote. This first phase of voting closes at midnight on June 28th.

* We love how pretty much every week Ed Droste receives a Twitter message from someone telling him - not asking, telling - to play End Of The Road. Sometimes we're tempted to join in.

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