Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SOAK, Mega Emotion, Girlpool

SOAK - B a noBody

The already highly touted SOAK has signed to Rough Trade, as good a developmental home as any for the 18 year old Derryite whose up close and personal soul-scraping entreaties against textured backings recalls a less icy Daughter, a more grounded Cat Power or a British Isles Emiliana Torrini. There's certainly the feeling that maturity is both sneaking up on and becoming her as she works out what her life is about.

Mega Emotion - Uncomfortable

Norwich's synth-post-punk trio make a raid on the early 80s box for their new demo, patterns recalling early OMD popping around wiry basslines, half-hidden hooks and crossthreaded vocals. Retro-futuristic in the best way.

Girlpool - Jane

Girlpool are a teenage female LA duo who on this first release through Wichita exhibit twangy guitars and nothing else really showy musically, but it's all in the vocals - harmonied, proudly new-wave-feminist empowered, taking and demanding pride in your opinions sounding like breaking forcefully out of vulnerability, punctuated with proper screams, like if a Kathleen Hanna-backed K Records Smoke Fairies. A highly intriguing start.

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