Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Hilary Woods, Slow Skies, Primetime, Hallie & The Annies

Hilary Woods - Flames

Last year Woods was trading as The River Cry and made a tremendous but overlooked album; back trading under her proper name with Night EP, out September 18th, the sound has been fleshed out from that very atmospheric, minimal sound a little, bringing in an undulating rhythm while retaining the need to give everything space to breathe, all while still introspective and reverberating within its intimacy.

Slow Skies - Ice Field

From one icy Dubliner voice to another, and funnily enough we were just wondering the other day what had become of the duo since their last EP came out last May. The answer seems to be that they were making a new one, Keepsake, out at the end of the month, from which this delicate wander across audial floes comes, placing Karen Sheridan's fragile vocal at the centre of a shimmering waking dreamscape.

Primetime - Tied Down

Right, that's more than enough glaciality. Primetime are from the Raincoats/Kleenex school of all-female post-punk effort-over-technique angularity, a sound and approach we're starting to hear spread again of late (Ravioli Me Away, No Ditching, Colour Me Wednesday) so much so that it'll officially become a scene soon. From a self-titled 7" EP that came out in July comes a scratchy, unrepentantly direct strut with hidden hooks to spare.

Hallie & The Annies - Anytime

H&tA's, as nobody will ever call them, is a name that's been bandied about in indiepop circles over the summer months still with some confusion about who's actually in them. Ellis who is Trust Fund is one, it turns out, appropriate as the Bristol-based outfit's latest recording is as on the verge of falling apart as much of his work, a soft shoe shimmering jangle that in its luscious twang and dark-hued harmonies betrays an influence from the Dunedin Sound.

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