Sunday, September 07, 2014

Bears, bees and cats: Grawlix, She Keeps Bees, King Of Cats

Grawlix - Atlas Bear

This has been out since May but Haiku Salut tweeted about it the other day (and Louise is on the B-side), which is as fitting as any of being introduced to the delicate to the touch ambient soundscapes of Derby's James Machin, who may place voice and acoustic guitar front and centre but with the kind of emotional connection and backed by the kind of subtly reverberated and shifted atmospherics that those who have invested in Farewell J.R's couple of releases would get along fine with. There's an impending album entitled Good Grief, and he's supporting ver Salut at one of their semi-legendary lamp shows (of which they're playing a few around this date) at The Space @ Nottingham Contemporary on October 8th.

She Keeps Bees - Radiance

This has been around for a week and a half or so now, but slow and steady wins the race or whatever it is 'they' say. We've briefly covered She Keeps Bees before on here but this track from new album Eight Houses, out next week, sees Jessica Larrabee's smoky, aching vocal put against a delicately minimal backing that still shades in the gaps in a way Sharon Van Etten, who guests on the album, would approve of.

King Of Cats - Dead Lamb

Max Levy's distinctively tremulous take on lo-fi can take some getting into but this track from debut album Working Out, released 17th November on the Art Is Hard/Reeks Of Effort bastard child Art Reeks, has some heart behind it on a song he describes as being about "doing loads of exercise as a distraction, kids doing horrible things and preparing for a big fight".

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