Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chrissy Barnacle, HUGH, Allo Darlin', Boxed In

Chrissy Barnacle - Fawn Heart

Barnacle is a fingerpicking folkie from Glasgow who doesn't tend to play the usual fingerpicking folkie outlets - she's just recently been touring with Martha, for one example. From a pay-what-you-like EP of fleshed out earlier songs, Barnacle's impure crystalline voice almost but not quite belies her underlying personal panic and self-discovery.

HUGH - One Of These Days

They may claim to have formed over mutual appreciation of Beach House and Grizzly Bear but it's the spirit of Dan The Automator's misleadingly laidback productions which pervades through the rubbery bassline and jittering synths over which Izzy Brooks and Benin City's Joshua Idehen make like lovelorn backpacker rhymers.

Allo Darlin' - Bright Eyes

In which Elizabeth steps aside for a bit and allows Paul Rains to take co-lead vocals on a sub-dappled melody the lyrics of which might better fit the title of the other track we've heard from third album We Come From The Same Place, Romance And Adventure. Then again, much of the time that's pretty much Allo Darlin' in microcosm.

Boxed In - Foot Of The Hill

Oli Bayston's second single, following his first by a couple of weeks more than a year, is based on that motorik rhythm that the kids love these days, over which is laid an urban-leaning flow with touches of Jamie T without the braggadocio.

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