Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hookworms, H O R S E S, Slow Skies, Anguish Sandwich

Hookworms - On Leaving

Could we almost call the second track from The Him - still what feels from the excitement around these first two tastes like an age away at November 10th - poppy? You can hear what MJ's actually singing, the production is spacious enough for the usual panicked drones to take a back seat and the Monks/psych/Nuggets influences are more readily apparent so that when the gradually building rush appears about halfway through and turns the whole thing on its jet-powered, almost Suicidey head and ends up like Crime and Neu! simultaneously.

H O R S E S - Kephyläu

More motorik. Excellent. H O R S E S - yeah, I know - claim to have invented 'Gloom Wave', though the phrase gives 4,320 results on Google. Whatever, the duo form another notch on the burgeoning electronic kosmiche influence on the Welsh underground in the wake of the likes of R.Seiliog (whose first EP and this eponymous one out next week share the Peski label in common), shifting Glass-patterned patterns and metronomic beats beating an austere semi-groove.

Slow Skies - Bodies

Another taster of the upcoming EP Keepsake, out 29th in the UK, finds a delicate but unsteady point between the atmospheric iciness of a Daughter and the desire to crash deliberately against the rocks as a way out. The ending certainly sounds storm-tossed enough.

Anguish Sandwich - Carol

The shouty-slacker no-fi smartarse Northamptonites have finally got round to an album, which they've called An Actual Thing and is out November 9th. This track contains a reference to shoplifting spray paint from Wilkinson's and is thus top notch.

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