Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Crimea - Last Plane Out Of Saigon

Quick primer for Crimea newcomers: emerged out of the Crocketts (two cracking albums, lots of live madness), picked up by Peel, flirted with the mainstream (including a top 40 single and Top Of The Pops appearance), toured as arena support, became reportedly the first band to put out an album for free online, then went on a hiatus that's just ended by their signing to Alcopop! (and Lazy Acre) to release a double album, Square Moon, on 29th July. And in all that time Davey McManus doesn't seem to have aged. The first track starts out seeming set for the ballroom before developing into a piano-led, subtly soulful summer strings-swoon built around maturing wistfulness. Also, it's another one for that list of songs where the title only features as the final words (Up The Junction, Virginia Plain, Just Like Heaven

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