Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cosines - Hey Sailor Boy!

Not sounding like you'd imagine a band called Cosines might, the debut single out 20th May by a north London duo with a history in the likes of The Loves, Pocketbooks, the Duloks and Arthur & Martha is, it says here, "a love song from one girl pirate to her sailor boy originally written for fictional band The Girl Pirates whose extended membership included unwittingly David Cross and Colin Meloy". Right. What that boils down to here is some Northern Soul piano pounding, the A Little Orchestra string section and general low budget Camera Obscura/Concretes indiepop-soul swooning. Apparently some of their other material takes a motorik/Stereolab bent, which melded to this side of their sound seems intriguing. They play Brighton on the 27th with Joanna Gruesome, a Fortuna Pop! night at the Bull & Gate with the Understudies on the 30th, then support Allo Darlin' at the Buffalo Bar on May 11th.

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