Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Plastic Animals - Pizarnik

It's a thorny issue in the digital age - do people actually prefer the songs-first transience of the download code or the tangible connection of physical stock? Song, By Toad are finding out this Record Store Day by releasing a four way split EP in two limited edition formats, 250 red vinyl and as download codes on four-packs of beer brewed by independent local microbrewery Barney's Beer. (This does sound a little more like "do people prefer to spend money on records or on getting pissed?", which is often no question at all, and especially so given Song, By Toad is based in Edinburgh, but we digress) Whichever way the RSD crowd go they're getting their money's worth from the music, featuring as both forms do the delicate Cocteausesque washes of Magic Eye, post-MBV stillness in shoegaze movement from Le Thug and the dazed but determined march of Zed Penguin. Our pick is the hypotic dreampop of Plastic Animals, who've been around for a few years and call themselves "atmospheric punk sludge rock" but have more in common with the Still Corners/I Break Horses/Bradford Cox generally school of picking melodic lucidness out of electronic/tremelo'd lo-fi atmospherics.

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