Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Olympians - Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams

Olympians have been around for a bit but you could here point to them being the first properly notable post-Tall Ships band, the point where math ideas shotgun marries electronic intricacy while having an affair with anthemic structures, building gradually from a pitter-patter rhythm through lovingly vocalled sentiments against a patchwork that suggests a pastoralised Maps & Atlases or Youthmovies left to simmer. There's no breakthrough into something bigger here, which makes it all the better, more backing pulses and harmonies suggesting, in the way Wild Beasts sometimes do, that they could make things far more obvious but choose not to. Adventure Gun EP is out 29th April.

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spalpew said...

I like it. The lyrics seem original without being too clunky, and the folky elements are used subtly, not shoved in your face.