Monday, April 01, 2013

Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament - Old Man Don't Waste Your Time

For this first non-thematic recording with his current band, released in May as part of WIAIWYA's 7777777 series for this year, Hayman claims this takes "the best bits of Prince, Dr Feelgood, the Laughing Clowns and Hefner". It's certainly the closest he's got to the rockier circa-Fidelity Wars end of the latter's bedroom Richman since their dissolution, if positioned more towards a pub rock rhythm and Wilko-indebted scratchy rhythm guitar overlaid with a big fuzzbox solo. There's an extra element at the end that adds James Chance to the mood board.

Hayman also contributes and co-writes a song for the debut EP out next week by A Little Orchestra, a indiepop-slanted chamber dectet formed by sometime power behind the Pipettes throne Monster Bobby, as do Ballboy's Gordon McIntyre, Simon Love and Model Village.

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