Monday, May 09, 2011

Tracklist: Yonderboy - All Bob Minor

Someone needs to look further into the Housemartins influence in current homespun British indie. Leeds' Yonderboy, support for Sky Larkin, Frightened Rabbit and the Antlers, have the (in fairness post-Orange Juice too) just jangly enough guitar melody and soul-inflected rhythm section, even the vocals sounding vaguely similar to Paul Heaton's. The falsetto moments, deceptively complex guitar breaks and sorrowful tale of hijinks are the enough that they give of themselves.

All Bob Minor by Yonderboymusic

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georgethe23rd said...

Two songs into Yonderboy's "Mission of Mercy" album on Spotify, I realised either they've had a dramatic change in musical style or there are 2 Yonderboys...