Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tracklist: Bastardgeist - COPS

What a great uncouth name. This latest addition to the Brainlove travelling carney show is Joel Midden of Chicago, whose work throws together samples, odd polyrhythmic percussion, processed vocals and, as his primary weapon of choice, kalimba. On this cut from an album released here on the 30th the African thumb piano is pressed into tinkly, starry, musical box-type loops as above it things go not unlike TV On The Radio in the barber shop harmonies at multiple octaves over undulating carefully outlain atmospheric obliqueness. Midden is in the country from Sunday, where he's at the Norwich Playhouse Bar, before moving on to Cardiff on Monday 23rd (with Chris T-T and Pagan Wanderer Lu, which sounds like a fine night out), Oxford Wednesday, Newcastle Thursday, Leeds Friday and that BRNLV Festival we mentioned yesterday on Saturday.

Bastardgeist - COPS (Brainlove Records) by brainlove

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